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Werner Müller/Holst (!) Fischer -- Japan 1986 ! 

Fantastic Sounds of Trumpet and Orchestra 

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Trompete für Millionen, span. Edition

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Jazz am Rhein Köln 16./17.09.1967

Kurt Edelhagen und seine All-Star-Band : THE GRINGO ( Horace Silver ) with : trumpets : Rick Kiefer , Horst Fischer , Shake Keane , Hanne Wolfert ; trombones : Otto Bredl , Jiggs Whigham , Manfred Gaetjens , Nick Hauck ; saxes : Derek Humble , Heinz Kretschmar , Karl Drevo , Wilto Gaynair , Bubi Anderhold ; rhythm : Bora Rokovic on piano , Peter Trunk on bass , Dai Bowen on drums

0917_059.jpg (120389 Byte)

Trumpet Mood, 1971


Werner Müller Live in Tokyo, feat. Horst Fischer 1970

Italien 1973

0922_137.jpg (50552 Byte)

Horst Fischer, Werner Müller, Golden Trumpet - Golden prize

around.jpg (20712 Byte)

Horst Fischer, Werner Müller, "Around the world flight" USA  

mm21-7819c.jpg (88209 Byte)

Mr. Martins Band 1956 "Die Halbstarken"

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Horst Fischer, Werner Müller, ?? 

The Golden Trumpet 01.jpg (161904 Byte)

Horst Fischer, Werner Müller" The golden trumpet", Japan 1967

G Trumpet Deluxe 01.jpg (269264 Byte)

Horst Fischer, Golden Trumpet, japan 1975

Golden Trumpet Deluxe Vol.2 01.jpg (233369 Byte)

Horst Fischer, Werner Müller Golden Trumpet Deluxe vol.2, japan 1971

Trumpet Best01.jpg (185946 Byte)

Horst Fischer, Werner Müller "trumpet best" London, Japan 1969 

  1968.jpg (67587 Byte)  1968.1.jpg (52058 Byte)

Werner Müller, Horst Fischer - Bob Powels, Trompete, Japan - 1970 

Trumpet Serenade 01.jpg (185620 Byte)

Werner Müller und sein Orchester 1969, Australien


2008 13.jpg (35466 bytes)    2008 12.jpg (34016 bytes)    2008-34.jpg (14764 bytes)  

verschiedene Pressungen Die goldene Trompete;

Werner Müller und sein Orchester; 1965


2008 14.jpg (28271 bytes) Horst Fischer and his golden trumpet: Carnival/ Song Of The Beach/ Feelings/ Fiesta In Rio/ Love Me Move Me/ Maria/ Don't Cry For Me Argentina/ Run Relax Run/ Uschi Like A Dream/ Gonna Fly Now/ Oh,Danny Boy/ Moon On The Ruined Castle/ Swing For Trumpets/ Mitternachtsblues

Studio Orchester Victor Burghardt/Horst Fischer 1976; EMI C 062-33968


2008 16.jpg (12725 bytes) Fiesta: London Melody/ Island Summer/ Midnight Blues/ Teach Me Tonight/ Brasilia Cha Cha/

Horst Fischer And His Orchestra; Carinia Chic SOLPS 276 (Sydney)


2008 17.jpg (10337 bytes) 2008 18.jpg (11724 bytes) The Man With The Trumpet.JPG (57113 Byte) The Man With The Trumpet: Flights Of The Bumblebee/ I Can’t Get Started/ Spanish Trumpet/ Deep Purple/ Bossa Di Florida/ Melancholy Rhapsody/ Las Vegas/ Moonglow & Picknick/ Der Trompeter von Venedig/ Happy Trumpet/ Too ra loo ra loo/ A Trumpeter’s Lullaby

DRS Big Band 19.Mai 1976; EMI Switzerland; 254 EMD 33891


2008 19.jpg (15126 bytes)  2008 20.jpg (23573 bytes)  2008-35.jpg (13565 bytes) Horst Fischer Story; Werner Müller and his orchestra; Decca London


2008 21.jpg (11942 bytes)  2008 22.jpg (12579 bytes) Mitternachts Blues: Mitternachts Blues/ Trumpet Conga/ Blue Moon/ Frenesi/ Kentucky Melody/ Greensleeves/ The End/ Medleys

Horst Fischer und sein Philips Studioorchester; 1965; Philips P 48044 L


2008 23.jpg (47814 bytes)  2008 24.jpg (15613 bytes) Organic; Victor Burghardt-Mike Barone Orchestra; 1977;

burchhardtC.jpg (10093 Byte) gleiche Produktion als

Maiden Switzerland ,1978 


2008 25.jpg (13952 bytes) Plan 9 From Outer Space; Soundtrack


And His Golden Trumpet.JPG (51999 Byte)  Horst Fischer And His Golden Trumpet: Jalousie/ Stardust/ Blueberry Hill/ Notre Dame/ Tombe la neige/ Moonlight Serenade/ Alone Again/ Chiribiribin/ Decuello/ St.Louis Blues/ Butterfly/ Merry Go Round

Orchester Hans Bertram 1973; Polydor; Stereo 2371362


Collection.JPG (66238 Byte) Collection: Mitternachtsblues/ Hummelflug/ Bossa Di Florida/ Run-Relax-Run/ Dany Boy/ Love Me Love Me/ Spanish Trumpet/ Uschi-Like A Dream/ Swing For Trumpets/ Happy Trumpet/ Der Trompeter von Venedig/ Las Vegas

DRS Big Band 19.Mai 1976; EMI Switzerland; 237 EMA 21722


Die goldene Trompete.JPG (61190 Byte)    Die goldene Trompete: Il silenzio/ O mein Papa/ Sugar-Blues/ Stranger On The Shore/ Trumpet Blues/ And The Angels Sing/ Don’t Fence Me In/ I Love Paris/ Mister Sandman/ Cherry Pink/ Only You/ Candlelight/ Answer Me/ It’s Been A Long Long Time

Werner Müller und sein Orchester 1965; Decca; SLK 16344-P

Golden Trumpet kanadisch.jpg (101836 Byte) kanadische Edition


Gold Super Disc.JPG (62314 Byte) Gold Super Disc: Those Were The Days/ Green Green Grass Of Home/ Michelle/ The Last Waltz/ Only You/ A Whiter Shade Of Pale/ La mer/ L’important c’est la rose/ I Love Paris/ Petite fleur/ Concerto d’autonno/ Stranger On The Shore/ Daydream Believer/ In The Year 2525/ Yesterday/ Un homme et une femme/ Lara’s Theme/ Three Coins In The Fountain/ Love Is Blue/ Rififi/ Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In/ Can’t Take My Eyes Off You/ Up Up And Away/ La vie en rose

Werner Müller und sein Orchester 1965 - 1970; Telefunken; K 18 P-9096-7; Japan-Pressung


Golden Trumpet.JPG (52794 Byte) Golden Trumpet: Petite Fleur/ La Golondrina/ Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ra/ Island In The Sun/ Hava Nagila/ Michelle/ I Love Paris/ Mr.Sandman/ Cherry Pink / Only You/ Candlelight/ Answer Me/ It’s Been A Long Time

Werner Müller und sein Orchester 1965/1966; Decca; H 231


Goldene Trompete in Stereo.JPG (230615 Byte) Goldene Trompete in Stereo: Banana Boat Song/ Up Up And Away/ Überall blühen Rosen/ Schiwago-Melodie/ An jenem Tag/ Oh Happy Day/ Rififi/ Can’t Take My Eyes Off You/ Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In/ Green Green Grass Of Home/ And That Reminds Me/ A Man And A Woman/ And that reminds me/ Violetta/ La mer

Werner Müller und sein Orchester 1970; Decca; Phase 4; SLK 16864-P


Goldene Trompete.JPG (51179 Byte) Goldene Trompete: Strangers In The Night/ House Of The Rising Sun/ Letzte Rose/ Liebeslied/ O mein Papa/ Wunderland bei Nacht/ Air/ La strada/ Song Of Flower/ La montanara/ Il silenzio

Orchester Rudi Bohn,Bert Brac,Heinz Geese,Botho-Lucas Chor 1969-1977; SR International; 34364 0


Horst Fischer.JPG (87164 Byte) Horst Fischer: House Of The Rising Sun/ Butterfly/ Wunderbar/ High Noon/ La journée/ Alle Tage ist kein Sonntag/ The Godfather-Der Pate/ The High And The Mighty/ Close To You/ Trumpet-Bossa/ Nabucco/ Memories Of Louis

Orchester Heinz Geese 1972; somerset; 761


Il silenzio.JPG (72059 Byte) Il silenzio: Wunderland bei Nacht/ Estrellita/ Der Pate/ Air/ The House Of The Rising Sun/ Verdammt in alle Ewigkeit/ Il silenzio/ Memories Of Louis/ High Noon/ Fiesta azul/ This Guy’s In Love With You/ La strada

Orchester Heinz Geese und Rudi Bohn 1969-1977; Europa; Stereo 111760.2


Im Tanzschritt um die Welt.JPG (46216 Byte) Im Tanzschritt um die Welt: Mambo-Jambo/ Gaucho Cha-Cha/ Memories Of Youth/ La Cumparsita/ Dobs-Boogie/ Charleston/ Sternenzauber/ Ich tanze mit dir in den Himmel hinein/ Rio-Rico-Samba/ Rumba-Tambah

Willi Stanke mit seinem großen Rundfunk-Orchester 1957; Opera; 63925 St


Magic Trumpet.JPG (71920 Byte) Magic Trumpet: Estrellita/ Strangers In The Night/ Mathilda/ This Is My Song/ Hello,Dolly/ Oh Lady Mary/ This Guy’s In Love With You/ Those Were The Days/ If I Loved You/ Little Brown Jug/ She’ll Be/ Comin’ Round The Mountain/ Love Is Love/ Amore

Orchester Rudi Bohn,Jack-Milton-Singers 1969; somerset; Stereo 720


Midnight Blues.JPG (46127 Byte) Midnight Blues: Mitternachts-Blues/ Autumn Leaves/ Frenesi/ My Blue Heaven/ Oh Lady Be Good/ Greensleeves/ Trumpet Jump/ Jealousy/ Blue Moon/ Avant de mourir/ Summertime/ The End

eigenes Orchester 1958-1960; Philips; Stereo 7172002


Motive.JPG (56319 Byte) Motive: Mitternachts-Blues/ Mack The Knife/ America/ Dragnet/ A Taste Of Honey/ Tränen lügen nicht/ Raindrops Keep Fallin‘ On My Head/ Verdammt in alle Ewigkeit

Orchester Hans Bertram,Josef Niessen 1958/1975; Philips; 6601 542


Praline präsentiert.JPG (60188 Byte) Praline präsentiert: Strangers In The Night/ Letzte Rose/ This Guy’s In Love With You/ Lied an die Freude/ Fiesta azul/ Ave Maria/ Delilah/ Liebeslied/ Western Ballade/ Air/ Barcarole/ Song Of Flower

Orchester Bert Brac,Rudi Bohn,Heinz Geese 1969-1977; Europa; Stereo E 462


Tanzparty mit Horst Fischer.JPG (50918 Byte) Tanzparty mit Horst Fischer: Begin The Beguine/ South Of The Border/ Moonlight Serenade/ Little White Lies/ Besame Mucho/ Torna A Surriento/ ‚s Wonderful/ My Melancholy Baby/ Dein ist mein ganzes Herz/ Ain’t Misbehavin‘/ Near You/ Brazil

eigenes Studio-Orchester 1964; Baccarola; 72695 ZT


Trompete für Millionen.JPG (60369 Byte) Trompete für Millionen: Verdammt in alle Ewigkeit/ Espana/Santa Lucia/Sehnsucht/ Mama/ Delilah/ La Montanara/ La strada/ Wunderland bei Nacht/ Laras Lied aus Dr.Schiwago/ O mein Papa/ Tiritomba/La Golondrina/Guantanamera/ Il Silenzio/ Till

Orchester Heinz Geese,Botho-Lucas-Chor 1972; somerset; 671


Trompeten-Serenade.JPG (56198 Byte) Trompeten-Serenade: La Montanara/ Petite fleur/ Island In The Sun/ I Love Paris/ My Yiddishe Momme/ Glory,Glory Hallelujah/ Trumpet Blues/ Edelweiß/ Elisabeth-Serenade/ Stranger On The Shore/ O mein Papa/ Answer Me/ Yesterday/ Il silenzio

Werner Müller und sein Orchester 1965-1966; Decca; Stereo ND 183


Trompeten-Serenade Vol.2.JPG (59811 Byte) Trompeten-Serenade Vol.2: La La La/ Love Is Blue/ Delilah/ This Is My Song/ A Whiter Shade Of Pale/ Parlez moi d’amour/ Last Waltz/ What A Wonderful World/ Congratulations/ La vie en rose/ La ronde/ Day Dream Believer

Werner Müller und sein Orchester 1968 Decca; ND 680


Trumpet For Lovers.JPG (49682 Byte) Trumpet For Lovers 01.jpg (341469 Byte) Trumpet For Lovers 02.jpg (240327 Byte)

Trumpet For Lovers: La La La /Love Is Blue/ Delilah/ This Is My Song/ Clopin Clopant/ A Whiter Shade Of Pale/ Parlez moi d’amour/ The Last Waltz/ What A Wonderful World/ Congratulations/ La vie en rose/ La ronde/ Day Dream Believer/ Auf Wiedersehn

Werner Müller und sein Orchester1968; Decca; SLK 16555-P


World Cup Trumpet.JPG (48452 Byte) World Cup Trumpet: America/ Raindrops Keep Fallin‘ On My Head/ South Of The Border/ Three Little Bells/ A Taste Of Honey/ From Here To Eternity/ Dragnet/ A Child Was Born/ Mas que nada/ Silverlights/ Mack The Knife/ Good Night Sweetheart

Orchester Hans Bertram 1975; Philips; 6305 264


Yesterday-Hits For Dancing.JPG (62049 Byte) Yesterday Hits For Dancing: You Are My Lucky Star/ Yesterday/ Manana/ My Yiddishe Momme/ La Bostella/ Petite fleur/ Mack The Knife/ Hava Nagila/ Fiddle-Faddle/ Elisabeth-Serenade/ Brazil/ Three Coins In The Fountain/ Eine Schwarzwaldfahrt/ Michelle/ Kommissar Maigret/ Island In The Sun

Werner Müller und sein Orchester 1966; Decca; Hi-Fi 76197